Helpful tips for hanging wall collage kits


Blank walls are like an artist’s canvas, full of possibility. What will you display? What personality do you want to exude in your space? Hanging up wall collage art is enough to make your room pop without overwhelming the rest of your décor.


And it’s all the rage among Pinterest DIY-ers and creatives who want to bring that Tumblr aesthetic to life. We’re about to share our favorite tips and tricks for creating stunning wall collage art. From picking your arrangement to hanging the collage on the wall, there’s a method to the process.


Wall Collage Kits as a DIY Trend

We love a good DIY wall collage. It’s not as big of a project as slapping up some stick-on wallpaper. And it’s definitely not as tiresome as creating an entire gallery wall. But collage art still adds a touch of creativity and love to make a whole room feel loved.

Wall collages are coming back as a trend because they feel nostalgic too. It’s a throwback to life as a teen, plastering posters of teen idols and celebrities on every door. Or a throwback to freshman year in college, when you and your roomie printed out photos to remember the good times. We’ll be the first to say we’re happy to see this trend reemerge.


Tips for Creating a Beautiful Wall Collage

Before you put up a single print on your wall, decide how you want the collage to look.


Think Wall Space

The first question you should ask yourself is, “How much wall space do I want to cover?” Are you trying to cover an entire wall or only a 4x4 block? The spacing you decide will determine how big your photos should be as well.

You can obviously choose any wall or area you’d like. But we do recommend picking a space that will draw the eye upon entering your room- if you want the collage to attract attention, that is. Other popular areas include over the bed, in front of your desk, or next to a lounge area for added aesthetics.



Curate a Mood

You’ve mapped out the perfect location to hang your collage art. Now to decide what to grace the walls with. Are you aiming for a boho vibe or a moody ambiance? Think about the mood you want to curate within your space. The color scheme, words, and visuals used in the images all make an impact.

Maybe you want to create a temporary mood board that matches the season. Or maybe you want to curate a timeless collage. If you're at a loss, try looking up inspiration on Tumblr, Pinterest, or Instagram. Remember, you can always change the mood. Art is meant to be fun, dynamic, and ever-changing.



Snag Your Collage Photos

Let’s say you decided you want to cover the space above your bed with moody, dark prints that match the color scheme of your room. Next comes the fun part: selecting the images to put on your wall.

You can save hours of time by purchasing a wall collage kit. These kits come with a set number of photos that are coordinated to match a certain color, theme, or vibe. If you’re looking for something more personal, you can create your own kit with photos of friends and family and then print them out onto photo paper or cardstock.



Map Out Your Images

You know where you want to display your wall collage kit, but how do you want to arrange the images? Grab all your selected photos and lay them out on the floor. This is essential to getting the layout right. It’s also a lot easier than repeatedly sticking and re-sticking a photo on the wall in different spots.

Once you're satisfied with the layout, snap a photo with your phone so that you don't forget the arrangement. You can refer back to the photo while you’re putting the kit up on your wall to ensure every image is in its proper position.


Now that you’ve completed all the steps above, you can start putting the collage up on your wall. Or you can use a corkboard or wireframe. Keep reading to see what we mean.


5 Ways to Hang Your Wall Collage Kit

Figuring out how to safely hang your wall collage kit can leave you scratching your head. The same goes for hanging anything, really. It can be tedious, especially if you have a whole collection of prints to put up.

If you’re renting or live in a dorm room at college, you might also be limited on wall use. Some landlords have strict guidelines about using nails in the wall, and residence halls are even worse. Take one tiny strip of paint off the wall, and you’re in for it.

But there are ways to hang your art without damaging the wall or the print. Put the pushpins aside, and take a look at these five ways to hang your wall collage kit.



Double-Sided Tape

Using double-sided tape to put up your wall collage is probably the simplest way to do it. You can grab this type of tape at almost any store like Target or Walmart. But do look for poster-specific double-sided tape. It should specify on the package.

If you cannot find double-sided poster tape, try looking for magic tape. It’s somewhat similar but not as sticky or visible on walls. You definitely wouldn’t want to damage your new Wall Collage set!




String Display

If you’re looking for a fun way to hang your wall collage, grab some string and a clip. You can also create a string display with a thin piece of wire, yarn, or twine. This DIY requires a bit of finesse, as you’ll need to hang the string and then position the pictures where you want them with the clip.

Try not to use metal clips that might put a dent in the art print over time. We've seen people tie a string to both ends of a curtain rod, attach it to both ends of a shelf, or use pushpins to hang it on the wall. Your options are endless!




Clip-On Wire Wall Grid

Wire grids are also climbing the ranks in the trendy décor category. We’ve seen them all over Pinterest. Think of a wireframe with gridlines where you can clip or hang things along the wire. Yes, that’s what we’re talking about.

Go grab a wire wall grid if you’re the minimalist type. They easily blend into the environment, and you can lean them against a wall or easily hang them if you want. Before you hang up your Peach and Teal Wall Collage set, grab some clips to secure each print to the wire.





Maybe you want to achieve an art gallery-style display full of ornate or slim matted picture frames. It might take some work framing all 20 collage prints, but the result would be stunning!

With that said, hanging up wall collage art prints in frames might not be the best idea if you live in a college dorm. At a minimum, you'd need to nail each frame to the wall. Or you can use Velcro command strips for less invasive mounting.





Corkboards are the same as messenger boards. If you’re in a dorm room, you probably have this on your packing list anyway. So, why not jazz it up with a few art prints? Arrange your collage on the board with pushpins before you hang it on the wall. We definitely recommend using a Velcro command strip to minimize damage.

Many corkboards have an adhesive strip on the back for easy hanging, but it will peel the paint if you rip it down. Don’t want to put a corkboard up on the wall? Lean the board against the back of your desk or a shelf.


There you have it! Now you know five ways to hang your wall collage and design it to perfectly accent your space. We love art and all that it signifies. Art soothes the soul and expresses what words cannot. It also creates a vibe- depending on the colors used. But even with a simple color scheme, you can do so much!

Our wall collage sets are curated with aesthetics in mind. They come in packs of 50 or 100, and each print is 4x6” cardstock. Put up all 50 prints from the set or just a dozen. Either way, it’ll come out looking like a magazine spread.